How to use Methan Tube®

Methan Tube® video-tutorial will be available soon.


Make sure that the heaters are disconnected and check that the control panel is switched off via the switch on the back.
Remove the lids from the tubes and fill each tube with the collected liter, slowly pouring the material in the tube.
Repeat for each tube.


Close the lids of each tube, making sure that the surface in contact with the lid is clean and dry.
To ensure a better grip and closing of the lid is recommended to tighten the 4 screws.
Connect each of the heater’s cables to the respective cylinder and connect the pressure switches to the control panel.
Connect the inert gas tank, using the appropriate gear, to the digester tap and insufflate the gas inside. Let the gas flow by leaving the other tap open for about 30 seconds, so to remove all the oxygen in the digester.
After the operation, disconnect the tank and close both taps. Repeat the same operation in the second digester.


Start the tool’s control panel via the switch on the back, start the display via the corresponding switches and set the test temperature equal to that of your system.

connect and login

Make sure that the control panel is connected to the router via the Ethernet cable.
Access the site with your credentials.
Click the button New efficiency test, on top of the screen. Fill in the format that appears with the required information and start the test.
The test will end automatically at the end of the selected period. If you want to stop it before this term simply click on the Stop button on the side of the test.

switch off

Turn off the device via the button on the control panel. Unplug the power supply and the pressure switch.


Take the device outdoors. Slowly open the degassing tap, to prevent leakage of inoculum.


Pour the contents of the tube in a suitable place.


Rinse the inside of the tube several times, using a sponge, avoiding using detergents and being careful not to scratch the surface.
For drying, leaving the tubes in the upright position without overturning them.
For better maintenance it is recommended to dry immediately all surfaces with paper or a clean rag.
Before the next use verify that the power outlet, on the side of the tube, is dry.