Methan Tube® is the lie detector for your biogas plant.

Methantube, a very smart instrument.

Proper management of biogas plant can provide great satisfaction. Contrariwise, an approximate conduction and poorly informed will soon introduce you the bill.

In biogas sector any mistake could be dearly payed.

Often any feeding biomass is chosen only “by instinct”. This could exposes your plant to very tangibles risks.

Methan Tube® is the lifesaver of your biogas plant. It’s unique and unrivaled.

I no longer use any biomass without first passed in my Methan Tube
Massimo Alberti, Energy Biogas

And then, are you sure that your plant is producing at its full potential?

Methan Tube® is able to give you quickly the answer. Try it out!

Thanks to Methan Tube I found out that I was throwing away money.
I could be able to avoid the accumulation in my stock and gradually buy products by directly testing them on my own biology
Antonio Rivola, Miravalle Biogas

Methan Tube® was created to fully help plant operators. It’s the final result of an Italian research, that involved ENEA, Biological Care S.r.l. and the Agricultural University of Bologna.

Methan Tube® faithfully reproduces the biological situation of your digester and ensures fast and highly customized analyzes thanks to the management and biomass efficiency forecast software.

Methan Tube® allows you to properly feed your digester, spending less and producing better, and to face any critic conditions in a proper scientifically way, but indipendently and directly at home.

Methan Tube® enables you to test new diets both in quality and in quantity, even leading the operator to avoid any waste.

Methan Tube® it’s extremely easy to use. By joining a “Methan Club” you can get tips on new biomasses suitable to your personal “Bacterial Consortium”.

For all these reasons Methan Tube® is considered the “lie detector” of your biogas plant.