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What’s in the box

The tool is composed of two main parts: digesters and control unit. The system can be put in operation with 2 tubes to eventually upgrade up to 4 without modify the control unit.

The web-based software manage the instrument and keep records on the test made over the time. Furthermore you can make quick comparison an forecast between the tested product and the standard substrates inside the database.

The pressurized tubes, once filled with material up to the requested level, can host the bacteria at the right condition. The head space will collect the gas without any indoor emission and thanks to pressure sensors the amount of gas is correctly detected and send to the datalogger.

The double sealing rubber on the lids, guarantee no leakage of gas. Safety valve and manual openings helps the operator to safe release the gas outside the office.

Integrated sensors and heating system give the right temperature condition without probes or electrical parts inside the tubes.

Easy to clean and durable materials are the key factors to minimize the down time between tests.

The “no mixer strategy” comes after hundreds of tests pursuit on our labs. No mechanical equipment in direct contact with the digesting material, this will extend the life of the instrument reducing costs and maintenance.

The control unit is responsible for temperature setup and cloud data collection. The system uses a cloud base solution to collect the data to be seen on the log in page.

The datalogger can store data in case of temporary lack of internet connection waiting for the right moment to automatically send the data back to the cloud.

Online web-based software directly connected to the private cloud with no storage limits can be easily view from any devices.

The web interface will help the costumer to organize the test and manage the mini digesters. Through the log in area, the costumer has full access to our database and can create a private database short listed easy to use. Furthermore, the costumer has unlimited storage space for keep all the test available.

The new test wizard will guide the costumer to create the test and add notes for better describe the biogas process.

During the biogas methanation the costumer can see in real time the tubes pressures, biogas production Nm³/ton fresh mass and Biogas production Nm³/ton based on the organic matter.

The software can compare the product, so the user can see immediately check the performances of tested material in comparison with database products and understand the value.

Thanks to the huge database, the software can predict the final performances of the feedstock being analysed after few days of tests.

An algorithm will predict the final biogas production of the feedstock taking into account the first data and the discrepancy between stored data and collected data from the instrument. The real time curve will show collected data and predicted data on the same graph.


The instrument at its minimal configuration composed of the control unit and a pair of tubes.

This is the basic set to let the system work. Due to the differential pressure between the tubes the software can make 1 test at a time.


The complete set composed of 4 tubes connected to the control unit. The system at its full configuration can carry on up to 3 tests at a time. It Can evaluate different products or same product with different concentration to fully evaluate the potential production of each biomass.

Pair of Tubes

A couple of tube to complete your kit.

Yes… just adding two tubes you can complete your kit without further modification.

MT Continuous

The maximum laboratory scale to fully replicate your plant. The continuos MT is designed to predict how the bacteria perform with the new mix. Inhibition test , maximum OLR rate and, % of methane are some of the index deliverable by the instrument.  A new “simple” concept to understand the “future” of your biogas.

The System works making a mass balance of the tubes. The control unit is able to fully record any input and output to understand how your bacteria will performs under these new conditions.

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